Setting up Grading Schemes


Grading schemes can be set up in Canvas as a way of converting grades entered as points or percentages into letter grades, GPA scale, or other such measures. Grading schemes can be created by the school of Arts and Humanities, Business Government & Economics, Education, Health Sciences, Psychology, Family & Community, STEM & Social Sciences, and Theology and applied at the course or assignment level.

Enable a Grading Scheme in Your Course

For a video tutorial on how enable grading schemes, click here.

  1. In your course settings, scroll down to Grading Scheme and select "enable course grading scheme".

    enable course grading scheme option
  2. Select "set grading scheme" to choose a scheme other than the default screen.

  3. Select "Update Course Details" to save your work.

Enabling a Grading Scheme in an Assignment

  1. In the settings of the assignment you want to use a grading scheme for, scroll down to "Display Grade as"

    choose to display grade as letter grde from the dropdown menu
  2. Select "Letter Grade".

  3. Select the "View Grading Scheme" option that appears under the drop-down menu.

  4. Save assignment changes.

Manage Grading Schemes

Canvas will show the current grading scheme enabled by SPU. Click Manage Grading.

Add Grading scheme

Click the Add Grading Scheme Button

Edit Grading Scheme

Create a title in the Scheme Name Field. For each line item, edit the grading scheme name in the name field. Edit the minimum end of each individual range in % field. 

The new release allows you to use points too. You can choose Points from Grade by and edit the minimum end of each individual range in point field.

If you want to add range, place your cursor over the checkbox and click Add. When you have finished editing, click Save.

The new grading scheme will appear underneath any previously  used grading schemes. To delete a grading scheme, click the Delete icon

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