Export Gradebook

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Although Canvas offers SpeedGrader and the Gradebook as options for grading in Canvas, professors may choose to download assignments and grade them on their own devices through other means. This page shows how to download the Gradebook into Excel so you can enter grades offline and re-upload them into Canvas at a later time.

Downloading the Gradebook

For more detailed instructions on the Gradebook, view how to download the gradebook.

  1. From the Gradebook Default View in Canvas, select Export→ CSV File. If you have already downloaded the Gradebook, you will also have the option to re-download previous versions of the gradebook. Please note that previous downloads will not include any changes made after the date listed.
    CSV file download option
  2. Open the file that downloads. It will take you to an Excel document that has the same grading columns, students and grades entered as your Gradebook in Canvas.

Re-uploading the Gradebook

  1. From the Default View in the Gradebook, select Import.
    Import CSV file options
  2. You will prompted to select and upload the desired CSV file.

    CSV File Discrepancies

    If there are any discrepancies in the columns in the CSV file and those in Canvas, you will be prompted to sort those out by marking them as either a new assignment, an existing assignment, or something to ignore.