Canvas Grading and CE Continuing Education Grading

For 5000-level CE courses grades need to be entered manually into Destiny (and move automatically from Destiny into Banner). The information and process about moving grades automoatically from Canvas to Banner does not apply. 

Directions from CE for grading are below. 

Continuing Education Online Grading


  • Go to the Continuing Education Website

  • Under Login, select Instructor Login

  • Enter your SPU username with at the end and your Password

    • If you don’t know this information, go to and select Recover Username. You will be sent an email with your SPU username and a link to reset your password. For questions, email .

  • Once you have logged into the Instructor Portal, select Courses from the left side of the screen

  • Click on the Course-Section No. for the class you would like to enter grades for

  • Note: Credit sections will have a 5000 level course number, and clock hour sections will have a subject code of CEU

  • Select ‘Grading Sheet’ on the left side of the screen

  • Use the Drop down Menu to assign each student’s grades

  • Click on ‘Instructor Approved’ for each grade

  • Click on ‘Save’.