Curving Grades


Grading curves can be set up in Canvas when an assignment is originally created, or can be added in later when the need for one becomes apparent. Here, we will describe the steps to curving grades in Canvas, whether that be for an assignment, exam, or other content types. 

Before Curving Grades

Note: Once grades have been curved in the Gradebook, the action cannot be undone.

Curve Grading Setup

  1. Go to Gradebook. 

  2. Find the assignment title in the Gradebook.

  3. Click on the down arrow located on the bottom right corner of the assignment title box and select "Curve Grades" .                     

    Curve Grades Feature
  4. Enter the average score in the box called "Average Score".

  5. Click on the "Curve Grades" button.

  6. Click "OK" option once an alert pop-up appears on the screen. 

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