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Zoom supports live captioning (machine generated) during meetings and webinars. When the meeting host enable this feature- when in a meeting, webinar participants speaks, captions will appear. The machine-generated transcript can be saved as a local text file. 

Everything that is said during the Zoom session is captured, recorded and streamed to the student in real time. A full transcript can also be available to students and teachers once it is enabled.

Points to Remember!

  • The host needs to enable this option every meeting - it is not a default option.
  • This feature is not considered an accommodation and does not replace any specific accommodations communicated by Disability Support Services. Students or faculty who have questions about specific accommodations are encouraged to contact Disability Support Services


  • The Live captioning is not available in Zoom Breakout rooms.

  • Limiting background noise may result in improved accuracy.

  • The only language available as of now is English.

Using Live Captions in a Meeting

When the meeting host has enabled captions, as a participant, you will see the controls that allow you to turn on and off the live captions during a meeting.

  1. When enabled by the host, you will see a notification above Closed Caption/Live Transcript  in the meeting controls, informing you that one of these services is available.
    red circle around the live transcript button in the zoom in meeting menu toolbar
  2. If closed captioning is available, click Closed Caption  to start viewing closed captioning. 
  3. You can also click Live Transcript , and then select View Full Transcript which will append a running transcript to the side of your Zoom window.  This menu can also pop out and be moved to a different location.
    Screenshot of person selecting View Full Transcript in Zoom.

Note: The provided subtitles can be clicked and dragged to move their position in the meeting window.

Changing the Way the Captions Look

  1. During a meeting click the ^ icon next to the CC button and choose Subtitle Settings.
  2. You can also click the up ^ next to Start Video / Stop Video
  3. Click Video Settings then Accessibility.
  4. Move the slider to adjust the caption size. 

If you need different instructions for your mobile device or web browser, please see the Zoom Tutorials about Viewing Live Captions

How to save the transcript?

  1. If the host has allowed you to save transcripts, you can click on the upward arrow next to the CC icon to expand the Live Transcript Option Menu.
    red circle around the up arrow of the live transcript button

  2. In the option menu, click View Full Transcript.
    red circle around the View Full Transcript option

  3. In the transcript window, select Save transcript. The transcript file will be saved to the default Zoom folder in the computer.
  4. To view the file location, click Show.
    save transcript button

Need help with your Captions?

If your captions aren't working in your meeting or your students have difficulties with the captions, please reach out to the CIS HelpDesk at or at 206-281-2982.