Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help with Respondus Browser Lockdown or Monitor, go to the Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor and FAQ's about LockDown Browser pages.

Canvas Questions

How do I navigate through Canvas?

View the navigating Canvas web pages for more information: Dashboard & Global Navigation

How do I submit my assignment?

Submit an assignment

How do I take a quiz in Canvas?

Take an online quiz

How do I get my assignment feedback and grade?

What should I do if I have problems accessing my course?

If you have problems accessing your course or specific parts of your course, please do the following:

  1. Check the Tips and Troubleshooting for Students wiki page.  This helps to make sure your computer or mobile device isn't having an issue.
  2. Contact your instructor - it may be that the content isn't available yet or they haven't published something.  
  3. Use the Help Menu (question) in Canvas to submit a ticket.  SPU staff will follow up to help resolve your issue.

Zoom Questions

How do I join a Zoom meeting?

Please follow the link Join a Zoom meeting

Do I need to install Zoom?

You do not have to have a Zoom account to attend a Zoom meeting or interview. However, some instructors may have set up meetings to only be available to SPU users.

You will be prompted to download the software, once you have clicked on the link that you have been provided. If you are prompted to login you may log in via the SSO option which will prompt you for your SPU account credentials. 

Please see the System Requirements at the following URL to ensure that you are ready to go: How to get started!

How do I download Zoom?

We recommend using the desktop client for the best in-meeting experience, it is not required to join a meeting as you can join directly from a browser. Your instructor may also require you to download and be logged into the client. 

There are also versions of Zoom for mobile devices. Their functionality may be slightly different.

Why do I see the message "Please wait the host will let you in soon"  after joining a meeting?

The Waiting Room feature allows the meeting host to control when a participant joins the meeting. The meeting host can admit attendees one-by-one or hold all attendees in the waiting room and admit them all at once.  

Do I have to turn my mic and camera on?

This depends on your class instructor.  If you have trouble with either, see the Tips and Troubleshooting for Students wiki page and contact the CIS HelpDesk for support at 206-281-2982 or 

How can I see who else is in the Zoom meeting?

Find out who else is in the meeting by clicking Participants. Participants can react through various meeting reactions. Use Gallery view feature to view thumbnails of all participants.

How do I share my screen?

Zoom allows for screen sharing on desktop, tablet and mobile devices running Zoom. The host and attendee can screen share by clicking on the Share Screen icon located in your meeting tool bar.  The meeting host can prevent screen-sharing. Select the screen you want to share. 

Follow the link for more information on screen sharing Zoom Screen share.

Can I share my smart phone screen and annotate during a meeting?

If you have an iOS or Android device, you can launch the meeting from the mobile app, and share your phone screen. You can also share your screen through the Zoom desktop application often used for annotating using a touch screen device.

Can I record a class meeting?

Generally, there are FERPA regulations regarding class recordings. Talk with your instructor if you want to have a recording of the session. You may not share the any recording outside of the class.

If you're hosting your own meeting,  you can start recording a meeting and click the Record icon on the Zoom toolbar. You may only record locally and then upload your recording to a service like Panopto or YouTube afterwards.

Should I join a Zoom meeting from a public location?

Public spaces with free-WiFi may have unreliable connectivity and are inherently less secure than your personal WiFi. Be mindful of personal data, or information you share within a public space.

Will Zoom work internationally?

Yes, Zoom works globally.

Can I join on multiple devices?

You can be signed into Zoom on one computer, one tablet, and one phone at a time. If you sign into an additional device while logged into another device of the same type, you will be logged out automatically on the first device. If you join on multiple devices you may need to mute and/or turn off your sound on one device to prevent feedback.

Can meeting participant annotate in a shared screen?

Yes, you can use annotate as a participant in your meeting. Example: When your faculty asks you to mark or write something on the screen you can use this feature. Click Here! to learn more about this.

What should I do if I have problems with Zoom? 

If you have trouble with Zoom, see the CIS HelpDesk's Tips and Troubleshooting for Students or contact the CIS HelpDesk for support at 206-281-2982 or 

Panopto Questions

Do I need to install Panopto?

You only need to install Panopto recording client if you have an assignment or project to create a video presentation. You may want to use other tools to create your presentation, and if that's the case, then you may not need to install the recording client at all.  Instead, you can use the web interface to upload your video file and follow the instructions on the Submitting a Video (Panopto) Assignment in Canvas page to submit your video.

How do I install Panopto?

From a Personal Computer, the software may be downloaded by logging directly into Panopto at You can also upload existing video and create new video with Panopto mobile app.

To learn more about Panopto Click here!

Do I need to log in the Panopto?

To view recordings in your class, no. These should always be linked into your Canvas course. You only need to log into Panopto if you want to edit your video, modify permissions, or add captions to your video.

Go to: You can log into Panopto with your SPU credentials. 

Why aren't the video quizzes showing up when I watch videos?

If you do not see the video polls and your instructor has indicated there are questions during the video, click the arrow in the lower right-hand corner to watch the video in Panopto. Then check the upper right-hand corner to make sure you are signed in .

How do I record my PowerPoint in Panopto?

Click here! to learn more about PowerPoint recording.

How do I edit my Panopto videos?

If you made your own videos, you can edit them directly in the web editor. Follow this link for instructions: Editing Panopto videos.

Why can't others access or view my Panopto video assignment uploaded via canvas?

Make sure you have properly submitted your video assignment per the instructions on our Submitting a Video (Panopto) Assignment in Canvas page. If you need to share your video beyond the classroom, you can do so on the video or folder of videos by going to Sharing and choosing the most appropriate option. 

Please note, if you choose Anyone at your organization, it will show up in the Shared with You video section for all other SPU individuals.

What should I do if I have problems with Panopto?

If you have trouble with Panopto, see the CIS HelpDesk's Tips and Troubleshooting for Students or contact the CIS HelpDesk for support at 206-281-2982 or 

Questions or Assistance? 

Contact the Library Front Desk which is located on the Main Level of the Ames Library at Seattle Pacific University.


Technical Help?

If you need technical help, view the Tips and Troubleshooting for Students wiki page or submit a ticket.

How do I log in Panopto?