Change Access to Shared Mailbox

A Shared Mailbox is a full instance of an additional mailbox that receives emails and keeps messages in its own Inbox that can be shared between many individuals.

CIS manages shared mailboxes created for departmental use or special-case scenarios. Users with the correct permission can add the mailbox to their Outlook profile and view or send emails depending on their level of permission.


Gaining the Necessary Permissions to View or Control a Shared Mailbox

  1. Please begin by contacting the CIS Help Desk at 206-281-2982 or emailing
  2. Include the following information in the email or over the phone:
    1. The department in which the shared mailbox resides
    2. The SPU username of all people that require access.
    3. The full email address associated with the mailbox you wish to gain access to
    4. The person in charge of the shared mailbox
    5. The level of permission required and why permission is needed.
  3. If permission is granted, there will be a follow-up email or phone call detailing the changes.
  4. Once access is granted for a shared mailbox, follow these additional instructions to open the mailbox in Outlook:
    1. Outlook for Windows - Open a Shared Mailbox 
    2. Outlook for Mac - Open a Shared Mailbox