How to Sign up for an Appointment through Canvas Calendar


The Scheduler feature within Canvas allows students to schedule appointments with you, connect and follow up with you after class. Appointments can include office hours, group presentation time slots, etc. 

This tutorial is applied for Students who are actively taking at least a course on Canvas. 

Signing up for an Appointment through Canvas Calendar

  • Go to Canvas homepage, click on Calendar on the left corner of the screen.

A screenshot displaying the calendar icon from the Canvas global navigation menu
  • On the right side of the screen, click on Find Appointment to search for available time slots in your courses. 


  • There will be a pop up box asking you to select a course you want to find appointment like below.

  • After selecting your desired course, your calendar will show all the time slots that you can book with the instructor.  

  • When you click on a time slot, the box will show more details for you to comment and Reserve.  

  • If you want to change your reserved time slot, click on the time you reserved previously, and there is an Un-reserve option for you to cancel the meeting.  

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