Adobe Software Changes 2019-20

As we begin the 2019-20 year, we have altered how we deliver Adobe software on campus in light of recent changes instituted by Adobe.  This primarily affects use of Creative Cloud products (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, etc.), though there is some impact to Acrobat Pro, as well.  Please read the information presented and linked below. We have tried to make this shift as straightforward as possible within the constraints imposed by Adobe, but please contact the CIS Help Desk with any questions.


Creative Cloud

We are licensed to use many of the Adobe Creative Cloud (Adobe CC) applications.  See a full listing here: Adobe Creative Cloud (under "Software Details")

Creative Cloud is available for a limited number of faculty and staff for academic or business purposes to use on their SPU-managed devices.  Additionally, Creative Cloud will be installed in all computer labs.  In both types of use, there will be a new step to login before the software can be used.  See the sections below for more details on these options.

Creative Cloud for Faculty/Staff

We have a limited number of Adobe CC licenses available to Faculty and Staff.  Please follow the instructions here: Adobe Creative Cloud (under "Creative Cloud for Fac/Staff") to have it installed on your SPU managed device, and to be added as a Named User with permission to use Adobe CC.

Once installed, you will need to login with your SPU username and password (instructions: Opening Adobe Software as Faculty/Staff), and install the specific applications you need.

If you already have an older version of Creative Cloud installed, we encourage you to request getting the latest version installed at your earliest convenience.

Creative Cloud for Classrooms/Labs

We have a limited number of licenses available to install on "Shared Devices." We have chosen to focus on computer classrooms and labs, but have some additional licenses in reserve to install in additional classrooms, if needed.  See the full list of locations where Adobe CC is installed here: Adobe Creative Cloud (under "Creative Cloud for Shared Devices").

To use Adobe CC on one of these computers as a Faculty/Staff member, you may use your SPU username (instructions: Opening Adobe Software as Faculty/Staff).

All other users will need a separate Adobe ID, which is free to setup, (see instructions here: Opening Adobe Software on a Shared Device).

Creative Cloud for Students

We do not have additional licenses available for students, so they will need to setup a separate Adobe ID.  Students may create an account for free at, which will let them use the Shared Devices noted above.  Alternatively, they can signup for a paid plan to also use Adobe CC on their personal device(s).

Acrobat Pro DC

Unlike Creative Cloud, we are licensed for all Faculty/Staff to use Acrobat Pro DC.  At this time, Acrobat Pro is installed on all Fac/Staff and Classroom/Lab computers, most of which have a version installed from prior to 2019.  This older version does not require an Adobe account to use, but from 2019 and forward, an Adobe account will be needed.

As computers get rebuilt, or if you need or want a fresh reinstall of Acrobat Pro, you will need to login with your SPU credentials in order to use the product.

For more details on Acrobat Pro, see our documentation here: Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Planning Ahead

2019-20 marks the end of a 3-year agreement with Adobe.  As we look towards licensing for 2020-21 and beyond, we anticipate that the licensing terms and pricing made available to us by Adobe will change.  We will monitor our Adobe usage on campus over the next year to evaluate what our needs are for the future and how best to meet them in an ever-changing technology landscape.  Please don't hesitate to send us feedback on what is working well, and what is not.