How to Add/Create Folders?


Create a group of activities with Folders. Now there is a feature to be able to create a group of activities within another group.


  • On your Activities page, find your folders and activities in one place and sort them in either ascending or descending order by clicking on column titles. Then, drag and drop your activities and folders to move them into or out of folders.

  • On the web, you’ll also find the unique Order column. When sorted in ascending order, this column allows you to rearrange your activities to fit your presentation. Drag and drop activities to place them in the order that works for you. Then, when you’re happy with the flow and start presenting from the web, the activity you advance to will be the one that’s next based on your order.

Your folder structure will remain consistent whether you log in through your browser or any of our apps for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides. That way, you can always find the activities you’re looking for by following their unique paths.

Click the checkboxes next to a folder or activity to take action on several items at once. Choose between actions like Move, for moving items into folders, or Create report, for generating a detailed breakdown of audience responses. Once you click on these bulk actions, you’ll see a menu appear on the right-hand side of your screen where you can confirm your choice.

Each individual item will also have actions tied to it, like Duplicate, Rename, or See responses. Click on the ellipses menu near the activity or folder title to find those individual actions.

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