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What is a template?

A template is a framework that supports you to teach online, provides structure to the course. The instructor needs to add learning elements, home page, summary for each week, learning materials, assignments & rubrics and discussion boards.

A template isn't a complete course and is not automatic, as in something you can set and forget.  Instructors still need to go into the course to modify and add their own content.

The banner images and buttons in the template course can be replaced, if desired.


  • If you receive an notification about an updated template, do not pull it into a course you've already developed.  If you want the updated pages of the template in your course, contact
  • To ensure that you have the latest version of the template each time you teach, follow the steps below, rather than using your past term content.

What does the remote teaching template look like?



How to import the template into your course:

  1. Go into your course.
  2. Select “import from Commons” on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click “filter.”
  4. Click toggle to “Only Seattle Pacific University Approved Resources.”
  5. Click the x to close the filter.
  6. Click the course titled “Remote Teaching Template.”
  7. Click “Import/Download
  8. Click the check box next to the course you want to import the template into,
  9. Click “Import into course.”
  10. You can import the whole template or manually download the entire template so you can choose specific pieces to import into your course.
    1. If you’re adding the template to an existing Canvas course that already has content, feel free to ask us for advice.
  11. Now, Go back to your canvas dashboard, the Remote teaching template should be available. It may take a couple of minutes to upload all the course content. If you can't see any content, refresh the page.
  12. Start editing the course Home page, modules, assignments as desired.

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