Copy a Module Item to another Course


As an instructor, you can copy a module item in a course directly into another course in which you are enrolled. You can also send a module item to other instructors at your institution as well as copy an entire course module into another course. When you copy a module item, any assets within that module item (images, files, etc.) will be included in your module item copy.


  • To share course content, you must have the Course Content - add / edit / delete permission enabled.

  • Shared content does not count against course or user quotas.

  • If you copy the same module item to the same course more than once, the module item you previously copied will be overwritten with the newly copied module item.

Copy a Module

To open Modules, in Course Navigation, click the Modules link.

To open Module Item Options, Locate the module item you wish to copy and click the Options icon [1]. Select the Copy To... option [2] (image below).

To select course, enter the course code or course name in the Select a Course field [1]. Search results are sorted by term, with the default term first, followed by most recent term start date. Results for each term are sorted alphabetically and display the course name [2], course code [3], and term name [4]. Select the course into which you want to copy the module item [5] (image below).

Note: The Select a Course drop-down menu only displays courses in which you have an active or future enrollment. Module items cannot be copied to a concluded course.

To select location, you can copy the module item into a specific module and location within a course. Click or type a module name in the Select a Module field [1]. Then select the module for the copied module item. To select a location within the module, click the Place drop-down menu [2]. You can select to copy the module item to the top of the module, before or after a specific module item, or at the bottom of a module (image below).

To View Copy Notification, Canvas displays a notification when the module item copies successfully [1]. When finished, click the Close icon [2] or the Close button [3].

To Copy the Module Item, click the Copy button.

To View the Copied Module Item, it displays on the Modules Index Page for the course into which it copied.

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