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Peer reviews are a great opportunity for students to read other peers' works and give feedback regarding assignments. Peer reviews are a tool that allows communication between students and can help students master the concepts of a course and learn from each other. 

There are currently two tools by which Peer Reviews can be accomplished.  One is through Canvas while the other takes place in TurnItIn.  


Create a Peer Review Assignment

Regardless of if you intend to use Canvas or TurnItIn, the process to create your initial assignment starts in Canvas.  However, before setting up your assignment, consider the following:

  • Will your Peer Reviews be Anonymous?
  • How important is detailed feedback to your assignment (comments directly on the submission vs comments on the overall assignment)?
  • Do you want your students to follow a rubric while doing their reviews?
If you want the Peer Reviews to be anonymous and have students leave detailed feedback directly on the submission, you should use TurnItIn.  TurnItin also has an advantage for checking for plagiarism as well as grammar and spelling.

Canvas Settings

  1. Follow the instructions to setup a Canvas Assignment.
  2. If you chose to use Canvas, you will setup your assignment as normal, but check an additional box that says Require Peer Reviews.  More information and screenshots can be found on the Canvas Peer Review web page.
    1. You will then have the option to assign the reviews automatically or manually, set a due date for the reviews, and allow intra-group reviews if the submission is a group assignment.

Here are some helpful articles that students can use to successfully submit their Peer Reviews and view reviews on their own submissions:

TurnItIn Settings

  1. Follow the instructions to Set up TurnItIn in Canvas.
    1. Setup your assignment within TurnItin as normal, which includes selecting specific TurnItIn settings as needed. 
  2. Expand the Optional Settings menu and scroll down until you see  Add Peer Mark assignment, select yes, and press Submit to save your changes.
    Add Peermark Assignment Option
  3. Two new PeerMark tabs will appear next to Settings, called PeerMark Setup and PeerMark Reviews.
  4. Go to PeerMark Setup to set the point value, due date, and other Additional Settings.
    PeerMark Setup tab with assignment detail options PeerMark Setup Distribution tab to assign reviewers
    1. You'll see that there is also a tab to setup questions that reviewers can answer as well as a distribution tab, to assign the reviews automatically or manually to students.
  5. Initial submissions will still appear in the Assignment Inbox, but to view the submitted reviews you'll go to the PeerMark Reviews tab to see the status and what students have submitted.

    view PeerMark Reviews

For students who may need additional instructions to successfully complete their Peer Review Assignment, please refer them to Submit a TurnItIn PeerMark Assignment.