Making the “Welcome Tour” Disappear if You No Longer Need it


Canvas provides a welcome tour which provides quick tips to get started with Canvas. After logging in to Canvas, you can view a short message about the Canvas Welcome Tour. This instruction will show you how to dismiss the Welcome Tour, if you don’t need it anymore. 


welcome tour
welcome tour


Login Canvas via Google Chrome


This solution doesn’t work within Incognito mode.

  • Open your Chrome browser.

  • Copy and paste this URL in the address bar: chrome://settings/cookies  

  • Make sure the setting for “Block third-party cookie” is NOT enabled.

block third-party cookie
block third-party cookie

After customized the cookies, you need to use to login SPU Canvas.

Login Canvas via Microsoft Edge

After testing, Microsoft Edge won’t pop-up the "Welcome Tour".

Login Canvas via Firefox

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