Sitecore Events Page

Where to Place New Events

You can insert a new Event under an Events folder, which should be under an Events page item in your school or department content tree.

What Is Displayed

Events are displayed on the landing page under Events while they are current, then automatically move to the Past Events page after they have occurred. Therefore, you do not need to move the events; the date fields determine when an event has occurred. The Event Title, Event Abstract, and thumbnails are listed on landing page or Past Events views. Clicking on the event title takes you to the detail view for that event, where more information is available.

Event Fields

Event TitleShows on the abstract and detail view.
KeywordsKeyword searches from the Calendar of Events will match on these (in addition to the event title).
Event LocationDisplayed on detail view
Event AbstractDisplayed on the Calendar list.
Event DetailDisplayed on the detail view.
Event Start Date
Event End Date
These dates determine whether an event displays on the landing page under Events or on the Past Events Page
Event ContactContact person for the event. Displays on detail view.
Event WebsiteLink to event website. Shows on detail view.
Event Link TextText for link to event website. Displays on detail view.
Event PhotoPhoto used on detail view. If no thumbnail is set, this will be re-sized on the Calendar list.
Event ThumbnailThumbnail used on Calendar list
Event Price Displayed on detail view.
Link Away If checked, the detail view link for this event goes to the event website, rather than the detail view.
Hide LinkIf checked, the event title is not a link on the Calendar list.

Event Occurrences

If a single event spans multiple discrete times, you can add them as Event Occurrences under an Event. These times will be listed on the detail view.