Sitecore Video Directory

Reference for content editors

This component is located in /sitecore/templates/SPU/ugadm/Video Directory, and is compatible with the marketing template. You can see the component in action here.

Adding a Video Directory to a marketing page: 

  1. First, in the Content Editor, add the Video Directory item by right clicking on the page's content folder, selecting "Insert," and then choosing the Video Directory component. Rename this as "video-directory."
  2. The Video Directory itself only has one field for you to fill in, the title. This appears above the options dropdown: 
  3. Next, in the Content Editor, add each video you would like to appear in your Video Directory. Right click on the Video Directory, and select "Insert" > "Directory Video." There are a number of fields here for you to fill in, to make the video display correctly on the front end, as well as show up in the correct category:
    1. Category
      1. This appears first, and gives you a list of options to choose from. These are categories available to all video directories on, and each has a parent category assigned to it. For example, "biology" has a parent category of "Academics & Majors." If you are need another category added to this list, reach out to your Communications Specialist, and they will make sure it gets added. 
    2. Link 
      1. This is the link to the video itself. You can add a URL to YouTube, Panopto, Vimeo, or any other streaming service where you have your video hosted, but clicking "Insert External Link" and then pasting in the URL in the URL field. 
    3. Thumbnail 
      1. This is the image that will show up in the grid of videos on the page. Make sure to upload an image 356 px wide by 200 px tall. Reach out to your Communications Specialist if you need help with this step. 
    4. Title 
      1. This is the title of your video, showing up superimposed over the thumbnail image in the video grid. Though the title appears in all caps on the front end as a style choice, please use normal sentence casing when adding a title, as the style may change in the future. 
  4. After you have added your Directory Videos to your Video Directory in the Content Editor, it's time to add the directory itself to the page. Enter the Page Editor by clicking the "Publish" tab at the top of the page and then selecting "Page Editor." 
  5. Once you are in the page editor, click the blue puzzle piece icon labeled "Component." Then, at the spot where you would like your Video Directory to appear, click the "Add to here" icon. This will bring up a pop-up with a number of options. Scroll towards the bottom and choose "Video Directory." 
  6. Next, select the Video Directory item you created in the content editor. 
  7. Your Video Directory should now appear in the Page Editor in the layout of the page. Once you are happy with the placement, click the "Save" icon in the top left of the screen, and then click "Publish."