Teams Calling - Shared Calling


Shared Calling in Teams allows student employees, adjunct faculty, and staff who do not have their own campus phone number to use Teams Calling to conduct business. Full time faculty and office staff with their own campus phone numbers can use Teams Calling via their own accounts on the Teams App. 

For information on how to use Teams Calling, see our Quickstart Guide

Table of Contents

Shared Calling Accounts

To grant access to Teams Calling for users who do not have their own campus number, Shared Calling Accounts are created. Each shared account...

  • has its own username and password that is managed by the owning department
  • has its own phone number for incoming and outgoing calls
  • can be used with the Microsoft Teams app or any Teams-Enabled phone device
  • can be members of call queues
  • does not have access to instant messaging
  • does not have its own voicemail box

New accounts are created and assigned a phone number by CIS. 

Existing accounts are managed and maintained by individual departments. For access to your department's shared accounts, speak to your budget manager or supervisor.  

Using Shared Calling Accounts

Shared Calling Accounts can be used with any Teams-enabled device, including the Microsoft Teams apps on every platform and Teams-enabled phone devices. To use the account on a computer or a Teams-Enabled phone, simply log in to Teams using the account's username (e.g. tps_sd_devicename) and password.

Users may also use a shared calling account alongside their own SPU account in Teams. This may be useful for student employees who need the shared account for calling but use their own SPU account for intra-office communications. To do this, CIS recommends the following setup:

  • Log in to the Microsoft Teams Desktop app using the shared calling account
  • Log in to Microsoft Teams via a web browser using a normal SPU account


Shared Calling Accounts have the following restrictions in place:

  • Cannot access other O365 services (like SharePoint, Email, OneDrive, etc.)
  • Cannot send or receive instant messages in Teams
  • Does not have its own voicemail box

Changing the Password for Shared Calling Accounts

Note: This process is only applicable for Shared Calling Accounts. To change a password for an individual SPU account, click here. '

The password for shared calling accounts can be changed by the owning department. 

  1. In a new browser or in private browsing mode (so you don’t log in with your account), log in to
  2. Log in with the account whose password you want to change.
  3. Click on the “gear” icon on the top-right.
  4. Click Change Password.