Teams Calling - Quickstart Guide

Making A Call

Calling Individuals Within SPU (Internal Calls)

With one click, you can make any chat into a call in Teams. To make an internal call:

  1. Select an existing chat.

  2. ClickVideo call  Video call button  or Audio call  Calls button in the upper-right corner of the app.

  3. The person you are chatting with (or the people, if it's a group chat) will receive a call from you.

If you do not have an existing chat with someone:

  1. Use the search bar at the top of the app to search for any current student or employee at SPU.

  2. Click on their name and select Video call  Video call button  or  Audio call  Calls buttonin the upper-right corner of the app.

At any time, you can mouse over a profile picture and you will see options to make a video Video call button or an audio-only Calls button call to that person. Choose one of those options and your call will begin.

Calling Outside SPU (External Calls)

To dial an external number from Teams:

  1. Go to  Calls  Calls button.

  2. Enter the number of the person you want to reach by using the dial pad.

  3. Then click  Call  Calls button.

Calls using the dial pad will use your SPU campus phone number.

If you do not see a dial pad:

  • You may not have a campus phone number assigned to you. If you need one you and your supervisor should contact the CIS Help Desk at 

  • If you do have a phone number assigned to you, contact the CIS Help Desk at for technical assistance.

Calling Departments Within SPU

To connect with a department like CIS you will need to dial the full number, not just the extension. To dial a number from Teams, go to  Calls  Calls buttonand then enter the number of the department you want to reach by using the dial pad. Then click  Call  Calls button.

Change Your Default Microphone and Speaker

To select the mic, speaker, and camera you want Teams to use for calls and meetings, click your profile picture at the top of Teams, then Settings > Devices

Under Audio devices, pick the speaker and mic you want Teams to use by default. 

Call Functions

Change audio settings

Select More actions  More options button  > Device Settings.  Under Audio devices, pick the speaker and mic you want Teams to use.

Place a call on hold 

Select More actions  More options button  > Hold. You can continue your call by clicking Resume.

Transfer a call

Select More options  More options button  > Transfer in your call controls. Then, type the name of the person you want to transfer the call to and select them. Alternatively, you can dial a number. To finish, select Transfer

Consult then transfer 

If you want to check in with someone before you transfer a call to them,  select More options  More options button  > Consult then transfer

Under Choose a person to consult, start typing the name of the person you want to reach and select them when they appear. You can call them, or consult with them over chat. When you're ready, select Transfer.


Access Your Voicemail

To check your voicemail, choose Calls Calls button > Voicemail.

Select a voicemail in your list and use the playback controls to listen to the recording or read a transcript (if it's available).

To call someone back, select More options Select to see more options > Call back. You’ll be able to check the status of anyone with a Teams account to see if they’re available for a call.

Adjust You Voicemail Settings

To change your voicemail settings, click your profile picture, then Settings > Calls

In the Voicemail section, click Configure voicemail. That's where you'll find all your voicemail settings. 

To record a new voicemail greeting, select Record a greeting and follow the instructions to record your message. 

To use a text-to-speech voicemail greeting, type one in Your custom greeting under Text-to-speech customized greeting