Faculty and Staff are provided campus voicemail service. CIS provides maintenance, password resets and feature modifications for the voice mail service.  

While many faculty and staff have opted to use the Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) to determine whether or not a voicemail message has been left, it is unfortunately a function that is no longer supported by our vendor in the current phone system environment.  With that in mind, the best alternative to ensure you're receiving your voicemail messages and regularly checking for them is to set up Unified Messaging for Voicemail.  This will cause voicemail messages left on your line to be delivered as email messages in your SPU account.  The messages may be listened to on either your computer or via the phone.  Alternatively, you can regularly check your voicemail box by dialing in, without using the MWI.

If you are setting up your voicemail for the first time or would like to listen to voicemail messages on your phone, follow the steps below to access your voicemail box.

Access (or Setup) Your Voicemail Box

From any on-campus telephone extension:

  1. Dial extension x2700 (206-281-2700 from off-campus)
  2. Hear the system greeting
  3. Dial # (pound)
  4. Enter your mailbox number (See *** below) 
  5. Enter your voicemail password
If this is the first time using the system, you will be prompted to reset your password and record a personal greeting.


The assigned voicemail mailbox number may or may not be the same as the telephone extension number, depending on if you have a named-user or shared telephone. Most phone extensions assigned to full time faculty and staff will be based on a single named-user, meaning that the extension is assigned to one person and the 4-digit voicemail mailbox number is the same as the last for digits of the phone number. For example 206-281-2982 will have the voicemail mailbox number 2982 assigned as a named-user extension. Conversely, many telephone numbers for adjunct profs are shared, in which case the individuals sharing the extension will all have different voicemail mailbox numbers, and these numbers will all be different than the 4-digit telephone extension number.

Other Voicemail Features