Insert a Document in the RCE

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The new RCE allows to upload files from the computer. Files uploaded in the New Rich Content Editor are added to the Course Files. By default, embedded document links display an icon that allows users to preview the document in the Rich Content Editor.

  • When a document is uploaded to the New Rich Content Editor from an assignment, quiz, or discussion, the file is saved to the Uploaded Media folder in Course Files and defaults to hidden status. Students can view the file when the assignment is made available to them.

Steps to upload documents to RCE

  1. Open The RCE

2. Open Document Upload Tool

To upload a document from the toolbar, click the Document icon. You can also upload a document from the document options menu.

To view additional document options, click the Document Options arrow, then select the Upload Document option.

3. Open Document Upload Tool from Menubar

The document can also be uploaded using the menubar in the New Rich Content Editor. The menubar displays the title of Rich Content Editor tools and may be preferable for those using keyboard navigation. To upload a document using the menubar, click the Insert menu, select the Document option and select the Upload Document option.

4. Upload Document from the computer

Click or drag and drop a media file to the media uploader to upload a file from your computer.  

5. Select File and view selected file

The uploader displays the document file name, To remove the file, click the delete icon.

6. View Document Link and Link options

View a link to your uploaded file in the New Rich Content Editor

To manage options for the link, click the link title and click the Link Options link. The Link can be edited- the line text in the Text field, to disable in-line preview, click the Disable in-line preview , To automatically open in-line preview, click the Automatically open an in-line preview.

To save link options, click the Done button.

  • Inline previews do not display in Edit mode.

7. Save changes

Click the Save button.

8. View Content

To open the inline preview, click the Preview icon.

To download the linked document, click the link title.