Add and Modify Text in RCE

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In the Rich Content Editor, you can type text and copy and paste text from other sources. The following are the keyboard shortcuts that can be used when copying and pasting text:

  • Copy and paste on a PC: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
  • Copy and paste-without-formatting on a PC: Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Shift+V
  • Copy and paste on a Mac: Command+C, Command+V
  • Copy and paste-without-formatting on a Mac: Command+C, Command+Option+Shift+V.

The following steps shows how to add and modify Text in RCE

  1. Open Rich Content Editor

2. Paste the text you copied into the Rich Content Editor.

3. Remove text-formatting- by selecting the pasted text, then click the Clear Formatting icon.

4. Align Text

 To Align text, place the cursor in front of the text you wish to align. Use the tools in the toolbar to align the text-  Left, Center, and Right Alignment tools or indent the text using the Indent tool.

5. Create Bulleted and Numbered  list

 Select the text you wish to include in your list. Click the Bulleted/Numbered List icon to make a bulleted/numbered list.

6. Change Font Size

Select the text you want to modify and click the Font Size drop-down menu to change the text font size. 

7. Change Text Style 

Select the text you wish to modify and click the Paragraph drop-down menu to change the text style. The options available are paragraph, heading 2, heading 3, or heading 4, or preformatted styles.

8. Single Space Text

 To create single spacing in the Rich Content Editor, press the Shift+Return (Mac keyboard) or Shift+Enter (PC keyboard) keys simultaneously. This will create a line break instead of a paragraph break.

9. Superscript and Subscript

-Select the text you wish to modify and click the Superscript or Subscript buttons in the toolbar.

10. Save changes and view content.

Click the Save button.

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