Deferral and Readmission

Policy on Deferred Admission

Students who apply for admission SPS, and who are accepted, may defer matriculation for up to one full calendar year from the entry quarter and year indicated on the application form. After one year, if the student does not begin the program, the application becomes inactive. If the student wishes to begin the program in the future, he or she must reapply at that point.

Any financial aid package offered to the student between the time that he or she is admitted to the program and the time that he or she notifies the School of his or her intention to defer matriculation will be revoked and the student will need to reapply for scholarships and financial aid by the deadline of the year in which the student decides to matriculate. 

Policy on Readmission

A student will be required to re-apply to SPS if he or she is away from the university for more than four quarters. Students do not apply for readmission to SPS if they take a leave of four or fewer quarters.

To re-apply for the admission, students must complete the “Graduate Application Reactivation Form” which can be found at this link: Once the student’s application is received, it will be forwarded to the ADSA for review and approval. The Seminary Director or Associate Director will let Graduate Admissions know of the decision, and then Graduate Admissions will facilitate the re-admissions process.