Online Zoom Covenant

Zoom Participant Covenant

As a participant in the Zoom section of this course, I covenant to:

  • Use the video function of zoom, so that I can see my classmates and professor and they can see me. Note that the video function default is “off.” You’ll need to turn it on.

  • Mute my microphone unless I am talking. (This is essential and non-negotiable.) Note that the microphone function default is “off.” You’ll need to turn it on.

  • Stay focused and on task, recognizing that multi-tasking or distractions are even more a temptation when I’m not in the classroom.

  • Refrain from private behavior (e.g., picking my nose), just as I would in an in-person meeting.

  • Dress as I would for an in-person meeting/class.

  • Pay attention to my environment: I will have a simple background behind me, and I will be in a quiet space. Note: coffee shops or other public spaces are NOT appropriate for Zoom courses.

  • Be gracious with myself and others about technological or organizational challenges that arise. To that end, I recognize that if there are internet connectivity issues, it is very likely that they aren’t on SPU’s end. (Other problems might be, but the internet connection shouldn’t be unless there is a power outage.) So, if the internet connection is a problem, I will try to strategize a fix for myself, on my end.

  • Not being a consumer of the course, but an active and present participant, discerning the presence of God through and beyond those in the class with me.


As a participant in the Zoom section of the course, I will try to:

  • Look at the camera (rather than other people) when I’m talking, as this best mimics in-person conversation.

  • If possible, use a good quality camera and headset.


As facilitators of a Zoom course, we will do our best to:

  • Set up the meetings in advance

  • Use technology to advance learning rather than distract from it, while recognizing that there’s a learning curve for everyone

o Contact the Low-Residency Assistant for your course (listed on the syllabus) o Contact Ashley Skinner Creek, the Director of SPS: o Contact the CIS help desk: or 206-281-2982

  • Provide ways to get course help as needed:

o Contact your professor and set up a time to meet.

o Contact the Seminary Coach, Bill Douthit,