Building Use Policies and Procedures

Alexander Hall Chapel

    • The use of the chapel is limited to prayer, worship, contemplation and other similarly appropriate uses.
    • All use of the chapel, whether during regular building hours or after hours, must be scheduled through the administrative assistant in Alexander Hall (Room 109 or email If necessary, the administrative assistant will consult with the Dean of School of Theology or a designated member of the School of Theology faculty to determine that use criteria have been met by groups requesting scheduled use.
    • Use is limited to recognized groups with a Seattle Pacific University faculty or staff sponsor.
    • The exterior doors to Alexander Hall may at no time be propped open to permit unmonitored access.
    • Burning of incense and/or candles is prohibited.
    • Use of amplified music is prohibited.
    • Food and drinks are prohibited except for communion elements.

Kingswood House


    Office Hours

    • Regular Office Hours: Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    • Kingswood House access is available outside of office hours through use of your student ID card. Please utilize the keypad outside of the back entrance. Contact the Seminary office for questions regarding your card (
    • A calendar of events will be posted in the kitchen each week. Please check before assuming spaces are available


    • Please clean up after yourself, wiping down counters, keeping the microwave clean, dumping out coffee grounds, etc.
    • Please hand wash and dry your dirty dishes or rinse and load them into the dishwasher. CBTE staff will run and empty the dishwasher.
    • Any food left in the refrigerator should be clearly marked with your name and the date. Please be responsible for removing any food that has gone bad – this should not be left to CBTE staff.
    • Cabinets labeled CBTE & THEOLOGY are for office use only.
    • Please leave the kitchen the way you found it.

    Main Level & Events

    • The main floor of House is available for studying and for meetings/events arranged by CBTE staff, SOT Faculty/Staff, and SPS students before 1:00pm. All other groups must be approved by the Dean.
    • Groups of 4+ must reserve the space with the CBTE Program Manager – 206-378-5415, Please check the calendar in the kitchen for availability.
    • Please leave the main floor the way you found it – replacing furniture to its original location.
    • **CBTE and Seattle Pacific Seminary events will take precedence over undergraduate students and events. In general, the maximum time allowed for any one meeting is two hours but exceptions can be made by request.

    Lower Level Study Rooms

    • The main purpose of the lower level rooms is for students to gather in groups for prayer, group reflection, or studying.
    • If a meeting is taking place on the Main Floor, please utilize the backdoor to access the Lower Level.
    • For planned group meetings, please reserve the space with the CBTE Program Manager – 206-378-5415,


    • Lockers will available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please bring your own lock.
    • Locks must be removed at the end of each day. Please do not leave materials in the lockers overnight.
    • **SPU is not responsible if items are stolen from the lockers. Administrative Staff reserves the right to cut off any locks left on over the weekend.

    Alcohol and Drug Use

    • Alcohol and drug use is strictly prohibited on the premises. Any such usage will be reported to Safety and Security and those responsible may be subject to disciplinary action.

    Contact Information

    • CBTE Program Manager: 206-378-5415
    • School of Theology: 206-281-2342
    • Campus Safety & Security: Emergency # - 206-281-2911
    • Campus Safety & Security: Non-Emergency # - 206-281-2922

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