Probational and Provisional Admission

Policy on Probationary Admission to Master’s Degree Programs and Academic Probation

Applicants with exceptional qualifications and recommendations who meet all requirements of the admissions requirements except the stipulated minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 may be considered for admission to graduate education at the University on a probationary status.

Students admitted on probationary admission start their first quarter on academic probation. They may take no more than 9 credits/quarter on academic probation.

Upon admission to the program and before their first quarter begins they must meet with their faculty advisor to fill out the academic probation plan and ensure there is a plan to achieve grades above the probation threshold (CGPA 2.5). An electronic copy of this plan must be sent to the Associate Dean.

Students have three active quarters on academic probation to raise their CGPA above the probation threshold. Any quarter with a CGPA higher than a 2.5 resets the time on academic probation to zero.

Students on academic probation should follow the SPU policies concerning academic probation. First quarter academic probation students should meet with their faculty advisor. Second quarter academic probation students should meet with their faculty advisor and the Associate Dean or Director. Third quarter academic probation students should meet with their faculty advisor, the Associate Dean, and the Dean of the SOT.

  • The academic probation plan will be filled out by the student and signed by the following individuals, and electronically submitted to the ADGS to save in the student’s electronic file:
    • First quarter: faculty advisor
    • Second quarter: Associate Dean and/or Director
    • Third quarter: Dean of SOT

After three active quarters on academic probation, the student will be academically dismissed from SPS.

A graduate student at SPU cannot graduate with a CGPA below 2.5.

Policy on Provisional Admission to Graduate Degree Programs

Undergraduate students who are within 45 quarter credits of completing a bachelor’s degree program may apply for admission to a master’s degree program at the University. Such students may be given advance admission to a master’s degree program if the student satisfies all the other criteria for admission.

Upon completion of the bachelor’s degree and the presentation of final transcripts, the student’s admission status may be changed from provisional admission to full or probationary admission, provided all standards for such admissions are met. It will be the responsibility of the student to supply final transcripts and apply to the University’s Admission Office for a change in status.