Submit & View Assignment Feedback in Canvas

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The enhanced interface for student assignments offers an improved interface and submission workflow, that helps students complete and submit assignments, view rubrics, and locate assignment feedback faster.

This enhanced interface will not work for the following types of assignments and you will see the previous interface instead.

  • No Submission, On Paper
  • Group Assignments
  • Peer Reviews

Assignment Interface

The assignments page will now show a summary header, that contains the assignment name, due date, availability dates if applicable, point value, and calculation method.  A timeline will also appear to show each phase of the submission process. This header will float at the top of the screen even as you scroll down through the assignment details to submit your assignment.

Timeline Status

The timeline can indicate one or more statuses of the assignment via color and icon:

  • The assignment is currently unavailable because of a module prerequisite (red lock icon)

  • The assignment is no longer available because of an availability date (red lock icon)

  • The assignment is available and ready to be submitted (green check mark)

  • The assignment is missing (red missing label)

  • The assignment is late (gray late label)

Submit an Assignment

Towards the bottom of the screen you will now see three tabs, one for you submission attempts, comments, and to view the rubric if one has been attached.  Under attempt, you will be able to submit your assignment and you still see Submission Type options based on what your instructor has configured, such as Text Entry or File Upload.  If you have multiple options, you may need to choose one or the other first before entering or uploading your assignment.

After you click the Submit button for the submission, your timeline will update and you will be able to see a preview of your submission on the attempt tab.  If you are allowed multiple attempts, you will be able to click the New Attempt + icon in the timeline's upper right-hand corner.  You will also be able to view all attempts and any feedback that was provided on any of the attempts.

Viewing Assignment Feedback and Comments

If your instructor has provided annotated feedback on your file through Canvas, you will now be able to see that feedback on the Attempt tab. Overall comments will be on the comments tab and you will also be able to add comments for your instructor. After the grade has been updated, the timeline will also show move to graded and your score will be shown, unless your instructor has selected to hide grades.