Canvas View and Download Submissions

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Viewing past assignments and submissions can be a very useful feature if students need to refer to past work for resume purposes or to verify an assignment submission. In Canvas, students can view such past work even from concluded courses. This page will describe how to view such submissions as well as how to download them if keeping these in a different location is desired for future reference after students graduate. 

Viewing All Submissions

  1. From your global navigation, select "Account".
  2. Select files.
  3. The file "Submissions" will contain all the submissions ever submitted to Canvas, grouped into files according to which course they were submitted to.

Downloading All Submissions

ETM strongly recommends you download your submissions and other course content within a year of when you stop taking courses.  In some cases, you may need to download content sooner, as some instructors restrict student access to their courses after teaching them.

  1. Follow the "View All submission" instructions above.
  2. Click to the right of the file or submission name to highlight it, and an action bar will appear at the top of the page.
  3. Select the download icon from the action bar.
    Action bar with option to download