FAQ's about LockDown Browser

How do I install Respondus LockDown Browser?

Respondus can be installed from this SPU LockDown Browser Download page.

What are the installation steps of Respondus?

You can download and install Respondus when you are going to take a Respondus enabled quiz on Canvas or through the link. For proper functioning, it is required for Respondus that the latest versions of Operating Systems (Windows or Mac) be installed, as well as the latest version of Respondus. Please ensure that your OS (Windows or Mac) is up-to-date with the latest updates/versions.

Do I need to download LockDown Browser every time I take an exam?

No. The LockDown Browser is permanently installed on your computer, and you just need to open it each time you take a quiz/exam that requires it. However, the best practice is to open LockDown Browser, click on the Info button (the "i" with a circle), and check for updates before your scheduled quiz/exam time.

What to do when the internet disconnects while using Respondus

If the student loses Internet connectivity in the middle of an exam, they can, in most situations, use the "Student Early Exit" to close the browser with a valid reason, resolve the underlying connection issue, restart the browser and continue the exam. 

What if I get a blank screen during exam?

A blank screen indicates that the browser has lost connectivity with the your institution's server, and the web page cannot load into the browser. In most cases, you should be able to leave your exam, shut down LockDown Browser, and restore your internet connection. We recommend restarting your computer and moving as close to the router as possible.

Then, start up LockDown Browser again and return to the exam. In most cases, canvas will have auto-saved your answers, so you should be able to pick up right where you left off.
Keep in mind that if use of a webcam is required for the exam, you'll need to again navigate the pre-exam webcam check.

What if I get a spinning wheel during my webcam check?

If you encounter "spinning wheel" errors (and blanked out frame where your webcam image should be), it's occurring because another program, background process, or privacy setting on your computer is preventing LockDown Browser from activating your camera. 

The first thing you should do is ensure you are using the latest version of LockDown Browser that is available. For Windows users, this is currently version, and for Mac it is  

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What if I get the message"Connecting media to server....Please Wait!"?

A variation of this same problem might produce an error that says:

"STOP. We're unable to connect to our media servers from your computer."

This can be caused by: Anti-virus or firewall software running on your computer. Temporarily disabling these may help, but be sure to re-enable your anti-virus afterwards.

If using a Mac, disabling the Mac Filevault and Firewall may be necessary. You can do this via System Preferences > Security

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What should I do if I get this error message: Canvas - Course (OK), Exam (Unknown)?

The above error indicates the the exam's LockDown Browser settings could not be detected. This may be due to you not letting each page fully load before clicking on the "Take Quiz" button.  

The open tab in LockDown Browser contains a “spinner” indicator. When the page is fully loaded, the spinner will disappear. You can now proceed.

What if something goes horribly wrong during my exam?

In the event you experience an issue during your exam, you have the ability to exit your exam and provide information to your instructor as to why you are leaving.

First, click the "x" to close LockDown Browser, and then select "OK".  In the next screen, explain why you need to close out of your exam without properly submitting, and select "Submit and close the browser"

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What if I need help troubleshooting the browser or something is broken?

If you are in the middle of an exam utilizing Respondus Monitor, use the application help button to be connected to Respondus support.

If you are experiencing issues in Canvas, reach out to your instructor. 

The CIS Help Desk is also available to assist with technical issues experienced outside of an active exam. Contact CIS at help@spu.edu or 206-281-2982.