Android Email Client Configuration

Outlook Mobile is the only supported email client for Android.

Outlook Mobile

  1. Follow instructions here: Outlook on Mobile

Android email apps

Since every Android phone has different stock email clients and different user interfaces, the steps may vary in order or in style. The following instructions are meant as a general guide rather than full instructions.

  1. Navigate to Account settings most likely located in Settings ->  Accounts
  2. Click Add Account
  3. Select the Exchange set-up

    There might be different options for Exchange depending on the mail clients you have installed. Make your selection based on what email client you wish to use.

  4. Log in with your SPU credentials (the same one you use to access Webmail including the then tap Next
  5. You should be prompted to enter in the following information:

    No Prompt

    If you were not prompted for this information and the setup is not successful then return to Step 4 and tap Manual Setup

    • User Name: Your full SPU email address
    • Password: SPU password you use to access email
    • Server:
    • Port: (leave as default)
    • Enable Encryption: SSL
    • Domain Name: Leave field empty

  6. Click Next
  7. If prompted for "Remote security administration", click Ok
  8. Read through the required setting changes and click Activate this Device admin app
  9. After changing the required settings, you are now able to use your SPU email on the email client of your choice