Replace Toner Cartridges


  1. Push and hold the Home Key on the front of the printer. On the status window that will appear, check toner levels.

    1. Any toner that is 25-0% may need to be replaced

      [Bk]: Black[C]: Cyan[M]: Magenta[Y]: Yellow
  2. Retrieve a replacement toner cartridge from the administrative assistant or budget manager.

    Toner is delivered periodically by Copiers Northwest. If you do not have any toner, you can call the HelpDesk for replacements at (206) 281-2982. 

  3. Open the front panel of the MFP by pressing inward on the tabs on both sides of the door, near the top.

  4. Find the cartridge you want to replace, and remove it.

  5. Do not throw away the old cartridge.
  6. Remove the new cartridge from the packaging, ensuring all protective material has been removed.
  7. Shake the cartridge side-to-side then insert it into the empty slot.
  8. Close front door of the printer.
  9. Mark the old cartridge as empty and place it near the toner supplies in your area.  Copier's Northwest will pick the empty cartridges up during their regular campus visits.