Weight Assignments


You can create weighted assignment groups in Canvas to save having to calculate assignment weights after the fact. This page walks you through how to do this.

Creating Weighted Assignment Groups

When you create your assignments, you can organize them into groups and weight some more heavily than others. Follow this link for a more detailed tutorial on weighting assignments.

  1. Create the groups in which you want to organize your assignments. ex. Term Project, Final, Midterm, Weekly Write-ups, etc.

    1. To create an assignment group, select +Group in the Assignments tab of the course.

      Add Assignment button
      Add Assignment
    2. Name the assignment group and indicate the percentage of the final grade you want the group to count for.

  2. Drag and drop assignments into the groups you just created.

Change Weights

If you need to change your assignment weights at any time, select the settings icon on the assignments page and "Assignment Groups Weight". From here, you can change the percentage of the weight each assignment group has or erase all weights from the course.

assignment group weight.jpg

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