Academic Tools

While at SPU you have a number of tools at your disposal. The following pages can assist you with understanding and utilize SPU's systems and processes.


The Banner Guides page provides additional information regarding banner. This site covers registration, ordering books, updating personal information, and degree requirement checks. 


Canvas is the online university learning platform. You will typically have access to your syllabi, online discussions, etc. through canvas. Individual instructors are in charge of their own canvas sites. Not all canvas sites can be published early but we ask that instructors published sites by 5 PM on the first day of classes. The Canvas page has resources to help navigate canvas for students not familiar with this platform. 

Time Schedule

The Time Schedule has a list of all of the courses for the academic year. The summer time schedule usually goes live starting February 15. The academic year time schedule usually goes live starting April 1. SOE tries not to change classes after they have been published but it is possible that offerings/times will change during the year. The Time Schedule page provides more information on how to read the time schedule. 

Library Resources

Students have access to the library and it's resources. See the Library Resources page for additional information.