Ordering Textbooks

After registration, you may order textbooks for your course. Keep in mind that if you register early, your instructors may not yet have books on order for the following term. If there are materials required, the book titles will be be listed including Edition, Publisher, and ISBN.  If your course does not require course materials, this will be listed. If the materials list has not been received, it will show you that the course list is pending and provide a space for you to enter your email address to be notified if materials are added. 

 Examples of Course Material Requirements

Books required

No course materials required

Material list not received 

You can find your textbooks in one of two ways: Banner and Time Schedule.


  1. In Banner, under the Student Menu, select the Registration and Class Schedules Menu. You will find a link to Purchase Books Online.
  2. If you click on this link, it will take you to a banner page that will show you the CRN, Subject, Course Number, and Title of the courses you are registered for. From there, you can click on "Order your books online for the (upcoming) quarter" 

     Purchase Books Online

  3. This will take you to the "Find Course Materials" page. Use the banner information provide to select your term, department ("subject" on the banner page), course number, and CRN. 

     Find Course Materials View

Time Schedule

In addition, Time Schedule also holds this information. You can find a link to purchase books via a book icon on the far right hand side of the course information. Be sure to choose the CRN are registered for as this could impact which books are required (depending on the instructor). This will take you directly to the bookstore page for your the class. 

 Time Schedule View

Ordering through the SPU bookstore 

Student can order textbooks through the SPU Bookstore. Students are not required to order through the bookstore so please use the ISBN if ordering elsewhere and double check edition and publisher information. If students order through the bookstore returns and refunds may be more flexible as they can take into account schedule changes, book changes, etc. Please refer to the SPU Bookstore Customer Service Page under "Returns and Refunds" to see their full policy. The policy for textbooks is below and is accurate as of 8/1/2022. 

Returns & Refunds


  • A full refund will be given in your original form of payment if textbooks are returned during the first week of classes with original receipt.
  • With proof of a schedule change and original receipt, a full refund will be given in your original form of payment first 30 days of classes
  • No refunds on unwrapped loose-leaf books or shrink-wrapped titles which do not have the wrapping intact.
  • No refunds on Digital Content once accessed.
  • Textbooks must be in original condition.
  • No refunds or exchanges without original receipt.