Degree Check

As a student, you are responsible for ensuring you are on track to graduate and have completed all course and non-credit requirements. To this end, we provide Banner degree check as a tool to track your progress toward completing your degree. It is important that you review your Banner degree check periodically to make sure you are on track and are not missing anything for graduation. 

During winter quarter, the Associate Director of Graduate Programs will send out a reminder about this to all students who have applied to graduate for that calendar year. 

To access degree check, please follow these directions.

  1. Log into Banner
  2. Select the Student Menu
  3. Select the Academic Records Menu
  4. Select “GR and DR Degree Status Check”
  5. Click the blue “admitted term” hyperlink to the right of your program of study. 

     Degree check

    Note: If the hyperlink does not populate your program, follow the prompts in the drop down menus to find the degree check appropriate to your program.  Remember to select your term of admission, not the current term. 

     Select Degree

    Teacher Education Students: You will likely need to select your program when you are using degree check. Do make sure you've selected the right track (AMAT, MTMS, or MAT) and endorsement level. In degree check there is no difference between the online and in person degree requirements for the MAT, AMAT, and AMTMS. 

To read degree check

Degree check lists all courses required during the Catalog year of your admission. This may mean that there are some substitutions or equivalencies that need to be noted in order to complete your record. Courses in green are complete. Courses in red are not complete. Please also pay attention to the total number of outstanding credits at the bottom of your degree check, as well as substitutions and general comments that School of Education staff may have already entered on your degree check. 

Some things to note

  • The credits remaining updates once you have a grade in banner. If you are registered, have an Incomplete, or have a G grade for a class, those credits will still show up as remaining but will automatically update once grades are posted.
  • Substitutions and elective credits can only be counted once you have a grade for the course. This is a manual process so takes a little time once grades are posted. For example, if you have permission to substitute EDMA 6431 Math Content and Processes in lieu of EDU 6132 Learners in Context, EDU 6132 Learners in Context will show as missing until you have a grade for EDMA 6431 Math Content and Processes. At that point, the Associate Director can enter the substitution for you in degree check.
  • If you qualify for the second master's benefit (only available to select degrees), these courses will need to be officially transferred in via petition. If you need assistance, please contact the Associate Director. 

When to contact the Associate Director

Contact the Associate Director if you notice anything missing on your degree check (like a substitution or an elective) or if you believe you have the incorrect program track listed in degree check. It is helpful to have your SPU ID number as well as what you would like reviewed.