Clock Hours


If you are hosting a student teacher in your classroom then you qualify for both a stipend and clock hours. Honorarium amounts vary according to a student's program and whether mentorship duties are split between one or more teachers. (see "How Much Will My Stipend Be?" below).

 If you are a "mentor of record", which is someone who provides their WA Teacher Cert # on behalf of an uncertified teacher who is doing the day-to-day mentorship of the student teacher, you are eligible for clock hours, but not a stipend. This is typically only seen in independent schools.

Please complete both the Mentor Info Form and return a signed and dated W-9 to us. After you are confirmed as a mentor you should receive an email from our placement assistant with both of these forms as attachments. You can mail your forms to: SPU School of Education, Ste. 202, Attn: Rachael Kamwesa, 3307 3rd Ave. W, Seattle, WA 98119. Please note that you may not receive a confirmation of receipt, as many forms will be coming in at the same time.

We will process this paperwork throughout the year, and send periodic reminders to submit. Stipends & clock hours are awarded toward the end of your candidate's internship. If we do not have a W-9 on file for you, you will not receive a stipend. Clock hours registration links will be emailed to you a month in advance of the registration close date, along with instructions for completing the registration. Because clock hour registration is managed through Student Academic Services, if you do not register before the close date, you will not receive clock hours. We advise that you register immediately when you receive your email!

SPU is a state-approved issuer of clock hours, and we process these online by asking you to register through a link we will provide via email. It’s quick and easy, and registering through our system will allow us to maintain records of your clock hours and verify them for you if needed in future years.

You will receive the registration link near the end of your student's internship. The majority of students complete their internship in the Spring, so you can expect to receive registration instructions in March or April. If you are mentoring a student who is on a different timeline, we will reach out to you 5-6 weeks prior to the end of their internship. Because clock hour registration is managed through Student Academic Services, if you do not register before the close date, you will not receive clock hours. We advise that you register immediately when you receive your email!

Once you have received your link via email, please follow the instructions in these videos:

We kindly ask that you watch these videos as they cover a lot of troubleshooting issues. We have found that the bulk of the issues come from attempting to create an account when there is already an SPU account in your name, sometimes from taking a single class several decades ago! Another issue to watch out for is making sure to click on the SPU password/account recovery links and NOT the Microsoft recovery links. 

If you are still having trouble registering, creating, or accessing your account, please contact the Registrar's Office directly at Follow the instructions in the "Recovering your SPU Username and Password" video for which information to include in your email to the Registrar. 

No. We will include a "scholarship" code in your registration email that will reduce the registration total to $0. Please note that after your mentorship is over, some districts may require that you provide verification of your earned clock hours by providing them with an official transcript. If you order an official transcript there is a small administrative fee that covers printing and mailing. 

Because clock hours function similarly to course credit, after you register you can view your earned hours at any time by logging into our system and printing a grade report. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Some districts may require a formal transcript, which you can order through the National Student Clearinghouse for a small administrative fee. Click here for instructions on how to access your official transcript.

From time to time we have mentor teachers who ask if they need to submit a signed clock hour verification form to OSPI. Note that because SPU issues its clock hours directly, we do not use OSPI form 1128-1. SPU’s grade report or transcript will provide the verification your district or school may need for step increases or recertification.

Mentor stipends can be processed in future academic years, but unfortunately clock hours cannot be issued after the course registration closes. 

The amount of your stipend will vary based on which program your SPU student is in and how many mentors your student has. If you are one of several mentors for your student, your stipend will be calculated based on the total percentage of time you have spent with your teacher candidate.

We offer a $250 stipend for working with MAT and Undergraduate students. We offer a $500 stipend for mentors working with our one-year, accelerated students. Again, if you are one of several mentors working with a student, you will receive a percentage of the above amounts.

Any additional questions regarding clock hours and stipends can be sent to placement assistant Rachael Kamwesa at