The Mentor Quick-Start Guide

Welcome, Mentor Teachers! We want to thank you for your willingness to share your classroom with an SPU student this year, as your participation is the key to getting our future teachers prepared and certified! We understand you probably have a lot of questions regarding your time as a mentor teacher, and we hope this website serves as a go-to guide throughout the year.

We (the Placement Team) would first like to introduce ourselves so you can know who to contact throughout the course of the internship.

Emily Huff
Director of Field Placements

Mayra Villalobos
Field Placement Coordinator

Rachael Kamwesa
Field Placement and Professional Partnerships Coordinator                    206-281-2373

What To Do First - 5 Steps

1) Screencast: We recommend that you first take a look at our screencast describing the roles that you, your teacher candidate, and the SPU Field Supervisor each play throughout the course of the internship. The video gives you an idea of what to expect while you are sharing your classroom, and will help you to feel more prepared for the year.


2) Mentor Guidebook: Save your mentor guidebook to your computer for easy access throughout the year. Below, you will see the guidebooks that will help you as you host a student intern. Each program has slightly different requirements and timelines, so please refer to the guidebook that corresponds to your student's program to best understand what to expect. 

3) Internship Timeline: Download both the Blueprint and the correct activity timeline that corresponds to your student's program:


4) Please fill out the required paperwork by clicking here: Required Paperwork

5) Add to your safe senders' list in your inbox, as many important reminders and pieces of information will come from this address. School servers tend to block emails that are sent to many people at the same time and mark them as spam, which prevents us from communicating with you.

Be on the lookout for...

  • An email from your student's SPU Field Supervisor, who will oversee the internship and will set up an initial meeting to go over expectations with you and your student

  • Invitations for mentor training Zoom meetings

  • Twice quarterly Mentor Newsflashes to keep you in the loop and send you reminders