Required Paperwork

At the start of your time sharing your classroom with an SPU student, we ask that you fill out the information form so that we can become better acquainted with your teaching experience and classroom composition, and to obtain your Washington teacher certification number, which we are required to have on file in order to certify our students at the end of their internships. With a few exceptions, most mentor teachers will find that they are eligible to earn free clock hours and a stipend. We offer these things as small tokens of appreciation for the time you spend with our students imparting your knowledge of teaching! Clock hours* and stipends are awarded at the end of your student's internship.

To receive the stipend, we must have a valid W-9 on file for you, and to receive clock hours, you must fill out the online form and read two short articles. 

The two required pieces of paperwork are as follows:


  1. Mentor Teacher Information Form (Please note this is required whether or not you are declining clock hours)

  2. W-9 (if you have submitted a W-9 in the last two years and have NOT moved, you do not need to submit this again)

Click here for information on clock hours: FAQ on Clock Hours & Stipends

*In order to receive clock hours, you must register for them through SPU's course registration system. You will receive an email with the registration link and instructions when it is time to do so (near the end of your student's internship).

Instructions for filling out the W-9

If you are a mentor of record, that is, you will not actually be meeting with a student on a regular basis/hosting them in your classroom to assist in their teacher training, you do not need to fill out the W-9.

Click on the W-9 link above. This will take you to a secure form where you will fill out your information as an "individual" and then click submit. This will securely transmit the W-9 back to SPU. Please note you only need to fill out the SSN and not the EIN.

This is the fastest and most secure way to submit your W-9, but please reach out to Rachael at if you would like to mail in a form instead.