Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS Camera



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Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS Camera1

Point and shoot camera for basic photography needs




  • Canon PowerShot SD1200 IS
  • Grey Battery Charger
  • Grey Battery Pack
  • Blue 2G SD Card
  • Black Hard Shell Case

Canon Powershot Camera, Camera Case, Battery, Battery charger, SD card Screen View of the Canon Powershot Camera Top view of the Canon PowerShot Camera

Step-by-step guide

  1. Press the On/Off button to turn the camera on
  2. Select Auto/Picture/Video
  3. To transfer pictures/video onto a computer, slide open the 'Card/Batt.Open' piece on the bottom of the camera
  4. Press the blue SD card to release it
  5. Insert SD card into computer or SD reader

Questions or Assistance?

Contact the Library Front Desk which is located on the Main Level of the Ames Library at Seattle Pacific University.

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