GoPro HERO 4



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GoPro HERO 41

Capture video footage of your favorite activity.




GoPro Accessories Bag (12 pieces plus bag) 

  • HERO4 Silver camera
  • 32GB SanDisk micro SDHC 
  • SD converter
  • Standard waterproof housing 2-piece (up to 131 feet)
  • Skeleton Backdoor
  • Touch Backdoor
  • USB cable
  • Wasabi battery charger 
  • GoPro rechargeable battery
  • Wasabi rechargeable battery (2)
  • Anker USB charger 

Mounting Accessories Bag (14 pieces plus bag)

  • 15x GoPro mounting accessories
  • GorillaPod Standard quick-release 1-piece clip
  • GoPro tripod mount
  • Suction Cup accessories (3-pieces)
  • 3-way pivotal arm (3-pieces)
  • Short thumb screws (3-pieces)
  • Long thumb screws (2-pieces)
  • Single tripod mount
  • GoPro Clip mount

Suction Cup Bag (7 pieces plus bag)

  • Suction Cup
  • Suction Cup short thumb screw
  • Suction Cup long thumb screw
  • Suction Cup arm
  • Suction Cup mounting piece
  • Suction Cup screw holders (2-pieces)

Extra Accessories:

  • AmazonBasics carrying case (black with orange interior)                              
  • GoPro head mount strap (black)               
  • Joby GorillaPod Action tripod  (black with red feet)


Questions or Assistance?

Contact the Library Front Desk which is located on the Main Level of the Ames Library at Seattle Pacific University.

206-281-2228 | |

GoPro HERO 4

12 GoPro Camera Accessories plus bag

7 GoPro Suction Cup Pieces plus bag disassembled  7 GoPro Suction Cup pieces assembled

GoPro head mount strap, Joby GorillaPod tripod AmazonBasics carrying case