Personal Information



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If your personal information is incorrect or has changed, it can be changed in SPU's records via one of two methods:

How To Update Personal Information

Users may change their address, phone number, email address, ethnicity, race, and name within the Banner Information System (SSB).

  1. Log in to Banner Information System with the user account

  2. Select the Personal Menu tab

  3. Select the Personal Information Menu

  4. Select the option that refers to updating the relevant personal information

Updating Your Birthdate

The birthdate listed in a SPU account cannot be changed in Banner. The request to change a birthdate must be redirected to the appropriate department.

  1. If you are a faculty or staff member, contact Human Resources at or 206-281-2809

  2. If you are a student, contact Office of the Registrar  or 206-281-2031