Departmental Documents

Documents you create on the job that need to be shared with others in your office are classified as departmental documents. Make sure you store them appropriately so others can get to them!

Department file shares (Matthew)

The department file shares (also known as Matthew) are a collection of department folders on a file server managed and backed up by CIS.  As an employee of SPU you'll automatically be granted access to your department's file share where you can access documents specific to your department.

Connecting to a department file share


SPU Windows computer

Navigate to \\spu.local\depts\ and then to your department's folder based on its acronym. 

SPU Mac computer

Use the Finder Go menu to Connect to a server and connect to smb://spu.local/depts/



SharePoint is a supplemental storage solution for some SPU departments and acts both as a file storage server as well as a workflow and collaboration solution.  Some departments rely heavily on SharePoint whereas others do not use it at all.  Talk with your department about SharePoint and whether your job requires its use.