Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity and Online Habits training available for you to take as part of the Human Resources compliance training program. Both the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and the NIST 800-171 require SPU to have a mandatory cybersecurity training that is used in employee onboarding and repeated annually. Training is also strongly recommended by SPUs cybersecurity insurance provider.  This applies to all faculty, staff, student employees, and any volunteer or stipend position, particularly those with data systems access.

Table of Contents

Accessing the Training

SPU's Cybersecurity Awareness Training for employees is located online in Percipio ( You can log into Percipio with your SPU credentials. 

Individuals who must complete the training, will be required to re-take the training annually, with a reminder being sent 30 days and 7 days before their next due date. Users that fail to complete their training in time will be locked out of all systems except for Percipio until they have completed training and contacted the HelpDesk to have their account unlock expedited (otherwise it will unlock overnight).

First-time Users in Percipio Only

If this is your first time logging into Percipio, you’ll be asked a few questions related to your interests and skills before being taken to the Percipio home page. The system requires you to provide interest(s) before you proceed but you can update these later.


All Users (Returning and First-Time)

Once you are through to the home page, click on the Launch Compliance Training button.

The Cybersecurity Awareness Training course is titled "Cybersecurity and Online Habits" in Percipio. You should see it as one of your available courses. Click on it to begin the course. 


Navigating the Training

Once you are in the course you can progress through its content. When you are done with the current training topic you can use the blue Next button to continue on the next topic.

Completing the Training

There are three sections and then a test over the content. Completing all of the content will take approximately 45-60 minutes. You must complete all three sections and score a 100% on the test to satisfy the training requirement. If you score less than 100% on the test you may retake it as many times as necessary to get a 100%. If you get to the end of the test and your score is less than 100%, you may review the course content, or simply press the blue Retake Test button to try again. The system allows you to only retake the portions of the test were not 100%. 

Leaving the Training

Once you get a score of 100% you can hit the Save & Exit button to leave the training module. Your score will be recorded in the system. Your training completion status will be recorded in Banner as well. You can also use the Save & Exit button before you have completed all of the material to save your progress and leave the course. You can return to the course at a future time to continue completing it where you last left off. 

If you run into any difficulties with the Cybersecurity Awareness Training course, please contact the CIS Help Desk