Signing in on the Zoom Desktop & Mobile App

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There are a variety of Zoom applications, including a desktop application and mobile device applications. This page will help you navigate and setup both systems in order to access the other features Zoom provides such as drawing, annotating, screen sharing, holding meetings, recording and chatting. 

Installing Zoom

Personal Devices can Download the Zoom App here.

All SPU-Managed devices should install Zoom from Software Center.

  1. Click the SSO button to sign in with your SPU Credentials
    Click the SSO button to sign in with your SPU Credentials
  2. When asked for the company domain, make sure the application shows  Press the continue button in the lower left-hand corner and use SPU's Single Sign On service to sign into the application.

enter company domain to sign into zoom

Using the ZOOM Desktop App

  1. After logging in, the Zoom app will look like this:
    Zoom desktop app

  2. Click on the "Meetings" tab on the bottom panel to create and refer to future meetings.
    Meetings tab in the Zoom app

  3. Click on the "Home" tab on the bottom panel to either "Start without video" (You only share your desktop) or "Start with video" (Uses webcam).
    Home tab in the Zoom app

  4. Select "Invite" unless you want to join a meeting that has already started (In this case, click on the "Join" button located on the "Home" button "page")
  5. Click on either the "Invite by Email, Invite by Contacts, or Invite a Room System" tabs to invite people. 
    (This will "call" them and send them an invite to accept the call. Once they have accepted it, the meeting will be recorded).
  6. End the meeting with the "end meeting" link on the left right corner of the screen. 
  7. Save to your computer.

Schedule in the App

You can also schedule in the app. Simply go to the "Home" button and click on the "Schedule" button which will allow you to set that up.

Annotation and other ZOOM features are also available.

ZOOM Mobile App

The mobile app works in a similar way to the desktop app. The only true differences are the layouts. More specifically, the locations for the images, phone calls, video calls, photo sharing, photo album sharing, and screen sharing as these are all located under specific group chats. Video calls can be made with up to 100 people. You can present and annotate via the mobile app.

Starting a Meeting

  1. Open app and log in
  2. Allow ZOOM to have access to your smartphone microphone and camera

    Facebook Syncing

    Note: This option may be useful, but is not required of the user. Syncing the app to Facebook is most compatible events.

  3. Once everything is synced, it should directly open your camera as well as a navigation bar towards the bottom of the screen. Click on the "Invite" option to start recording. The navigation bar should have these options: Audio, Video, Invite, Participant, and Share. 
    These are all the same as the desktop app and therefore, follow the same process. 

Sharing on Multiple Devices

The ZOOM mobile app allows users to share screens with other devices.

To access this feature:

  • Select "Share" on the right corner of the navigation bar.
  • Open Bluetooth settings on smartphone and select the device desired.

Annotation and other ZOOM features are also available.