Incompletes and Withdrawals


The “I” grade (incomplete) indicates that the student did not complete the work assigned for a course because of absence from school during the quarter due to illness or an acceptable emergency. The student must initiate the request for the “I” grade prior to the final examination or last class session. Unless the student is incapacitated, this request should be made in writing. Documentation verifying the illness or acceptable emergency (e.g., a note from a medical doctor) may be required by the instructor. A student cannot carry more than 20 credits of incomplete grades without prior approval from the registrar. The instructor is under no obligation to grant the request for an “I” grade. However, if the instructor chooses to issue an “I” grade, the instructor will formulate a plan for the student’s completion of the course requirements which must be approved by the Department Chair or the Dean / Dean Designee. The student may not attend a future class in which s/he is not registered as a means of working toward completion of an “I” grade. A timeline for course completion will be determined by the instructor. In any event, the student must submit final coursework within one calendar year or the “I” becomes an “E”. The student is responsible to follow up with the instructor to make sure that the “I” grade has been removed once the completion plan is fulfilled.

Financial Implications

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress: In order to maintain eligibility for all financial aid, including SPU scholarships, students must complete at least 80% of all credits attempted. Incomplete (“I”) grades do not count as completed credits, therefore a consequence of an “I” grade may be suspension of aid eligibility. Students should contact Student Financial Services to determine the effects of an “I” grade; students may also review the SAP policy and appeal process in the University Catalog.

Unpaid accounts: All amounts due to the University must be paid in full to be eligible for future registration. Failure to pay your student account or a delinquent loan may prohibit you from receiving official transcripts and your diploma. In addition, if you are finishing the requirements of your incomplete grade and you are not registered for the current quarter, you will not be considered an active student and will not be eligible for in-school deferment of student loans. Eligibility for in-school deferment requires enrollment at half-time or greater status. Student loans will enter the grace period, or, if the grace period for a loan has expired, the loan will enter repayment.

In order to proceed with an incomplete please fill out a request form

Other Options

Withdrawal: If unforeseen circumstances occur between the first and seventh week of the quarter you can drop the course in Student Academic Services. A “W” (withdrawal) will appear on your transcript. See the Office of The Registrar Wiki policy for more details

Late Drop Petition: If extenuating circumstances occur such as extended illness, death in the family, or unexpected surgery during the quarter, a registration petition to drop a class after the withdrawal deadline may be a better option than pursuing an incomplete.