Employee Email List Use and Guidelines

Statement and Purpose

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Here is a reminder about the lists, the types of messages, and who is able to send messages to what lists. 

Entities Affected By This Policy:

All University employees who use the campus-wide email distribution lists (DL's) to send email to all employees or subgroups of employees.

Policy Version: 1.2

Effective Date: April 14, 2015
Last Updated:
  October 19th, 2020

Responsible Office:
Office of the Provost
Responsible Executive:


Official Campus Communications

Official University communications should be sent to the official communications distribution lists that include all community members.  These include:

  • !Official Faculty Announcements
  • !Official Staff Announcements
  • !Official Adjunct Faculty Announcements
  • !Official Faculty/Staff Announcements
    • Includes both faculty and staff groups.  Does not include adjunct faculty.  

Purpose: For all official departmental and campus announcements

  • Intended for SPU official business or academic announcements, communications, events, and activities.
  • Carefully review and proof-read all messages (typo's, dates/times, locations).

Membership is updated nightly based on employment data (mandatory membership based on employee standing). Additional members managed by the Office of the Provost and Staff Council for Faculty and Staff lists respectively.

Usage is restricted to approved senders 

  • If faculty or staff wish to send a committee related post to a restricted listserv, they must contact the Faculty Chair for posting.
  • If their post is related to university topics, official departmental news, or governance, they must contact their Dean for posting.
  • For staff who wish to post to a restricted listserv, they must contact their Department/Area Head for posting.
  • Any posts or messages that do not contain official university business should go to !Facuty Forum, !Staff Forum, or the !Fac/Staff Forum email lists

Approved Senders

  • Senior Leadership Council / Academic Leadership Team / Provost Leadership Team
  • Department heads / Faculty Chairs and a designated backup
  • Executive Assistants / Key Administrative Support Staff
  • Other senders may be approved based on specific job duties requiring campus communication.

Campus Community Email Lists

!Faculty Forum, !Staff Forum, and !Fac/Staff Forum are provided for informal community engagement and discussion.  They should not be used for official campus communications. Use them for: 

  • A free-flow of dialogue and discussion among list members about topics of interest to the list membership. Only list members can post or receive.
  • Also allows posting of more personal messages (non-SPU events of interest, ticket exchanges or resale, etc.).

Community Etiquette

Please remember that it is our desire to model grace-filled community at all times, even in our email correspondences. Remember that we are to love each other deeply and speak as ones who speak the very words of God (1 Peter 4:8-11).

Community Lists

!Faculty Forum 

Membership is restricted and maintained by the Provost's Office. It includes all current faculty (automated), key academic administration, emeriti, and a few others.

  • Contact the Provost Office for additions or deletions of non-current faculty.
  • Usage is for all members and only list members can post messages to the list

!Staff Forum 

Membership is current SPU staff, temporary staff, and some additions.

  • Contact Staff Council for additions.
  • Usage is for all members and only list members can post messages to the list

!Fac/Staff Forum

Membership includes all members of !Faculty Forum and !Staff Forum.

  • Usage is for all members and only list members can post messages to the list

Opting Out of Community Lists

Current faculty and staff may"opt-out" of the community lists by creating an Outlook email rule directing messages to that list to a folder or directly to trash.  

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