Leave Policy for Call to Active Military Duty

This military leave of absence policy pertains to students called up for active military service in any branch of the United States armed forces while enrolled in one or more courses at SPU.

A student’s options when called to active military duty depend upon the projected duration of the student’s call to active service, the term in which the student is enrolled, where classes take place, the time in the term when the absence begins, and other factors related to registration, tuition, and fees. 

Leave from classes in non-regular terms, and from those delivered off campus, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for the potential awarding of grades and for any financial refunds.

Students must complete the Active Military Duty Leave of Absence Form (PDF) and submit it, along with a copy of the military call-up orders, to the Office of the Registrar at registrar@spu.edu. Copy the Vet Corps Navigator, veteranNavigator@spu.edu, in the email. 

For a call to active military duty during the regular autumn, winter, or spring quarter that is projected to last more than two weeks:


The student may completely withdraw from classes, and will receive:

  • A 100% tuition refund;
  • A full or partial refund of course fees, when possible. (Not all course fees are refundable.);
  • A pro-rated refund of campus housing and campus meal plan charges, based on the day the student checks out of housing.

Withdrawal from a class after the first week of the quarter will result in a withdrawal code on the student’s transcript for each course.

Financial aid and payments received by the student for the term will be refunded to the source. Students who have received a refund from financial aid sources will be expected to repay the financial aid. The same standards that are applied to any students who have an outstanding tuition balance with the University will be applied to those called up for military duty. Students should consult with SFS to determine the impact on financial aid and Veterans’ Benefits.


The student may request the assignment of “I” (Incomplete) grades, if the leave will begin after the 7th week of the quarter.  Opting for “I” grades results in no tuition or course fee reimbursement. The student should consult with SFS to determine how “I” grades will impact financial aid and Veterans’ Benefits.

The student and each instructor must complete an Agreement for Incomplete Form (PDF). A timeline for course completion will be determined by the instructor. In any event, the student must submit final coursework within one calendar year or the “I” becomes an “E” (or an “NC” grade, if the student was enrolled for “P/NC” grading). Extensions to the one-year deadline may be pursued through petition, when circumstances warrant.

For a call to active duty during the regular autumn, winter, or spring quarter projected to last no longer than two weeks:

A student called to active duty that will result in an absence of no more than two weeks may seek permission from each course instructor to remain in class rather than withdraw or receive an “I” grade. The student will be expected to maintain the same standards of performance—and to complete the same materials and assignments—as others in the class. In addition to submitting the military leave of absence form and call-up orders to the Vet Corps Navigator, students living in campus housing are encouraged to notify their RA or RLC that they will be away, though not withdrawing from campus housing.

A student who changes their mind and decides to pursue Option 1 or Option 2 above must notify the Vet Corps Navigator in writing or via email at veteranNavigator@spu.edu, before final exams begin for the quarter.