Study Away and Veterans Benefits

VA students may take courses at more than one school that apply to their degrees. VA students at SPU who are interested in taking classes elsewhere, must follow SPU’s study away process and consult with their undergraduate academic counselor or graduate program coordinator.

If the course(s) is approved to be transferred, the certifying official will write a “parent letter” to that institution so that the student may receive benefits. The VA student will send the following information to the SPU certifying official:

  • Student’s name, SSN, chapter of VA benefits
  • State and institution that the student will be attending
  • Course subject, number and title, and how the course will transfer back to SPU
  • Contact information (i.e., name, school, address, phone number, fax number) for the VA certifying official at the secondary school

Your SPU certifying official will write the letter for the secondary school. Once the secondary school receives the letter, you should be able to receive benefits as per usual processes.