Veterans Frequently Asked Questions

I am transferring to SPU from another institution. How do I transfer my benefits?

Students who have already used their benefits at another institution may have their certifying official fax a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility to the new school’s certifying official. SPU’s certifying official’s fax number is 206-281-2669. Otherwise, a copy of the Certificate of Eligibility may be sent directly from the student.

Am I able to be certified for partial credit instead of the full quarter?

Students who choose to be partially certified within a given quarter may receive a lower housing allowance (if applicable) and lower rate for tuition/fees. It’s best to check with the VA directly.

Will the VA cover costs for study abroad programs?

Check with the VA directly to find out the requirements for Study Abroad based on your specific Chapter.

Does SPU waive tuition for dependents and spouses of fallen veterans and National Guard members according to WA State allowances from Senate Bill 5002?

The State of Washington in Senate Bill 5002 requires public universities and colleges to waive tuition for dependents or spouses of a permanently disabled, killed-in-action, MIA or POW veterans (VET), and encourages private institutions to do likewise.

Washington state has not allocated any funding to private institutions to assist these students. Therefore, SPU cannot participate in the unfunded encouragement for a tuition waiver for dependents or spouses of a VET.

Instead, if a first-time undergraduate dependent or spouse is a recipient of Chapter 35 veteran benefits (assistance offered to dependents or spouses of a veteran who meets the definition of SB 5002), SPU will award institutional gift funds, after all institutional scholarships, government grants, and benefits are considered, up to the highest cost of tuition at Washington state major research universities (e.g., full-time 12 credits at University of Washington), provided that total gift aid is awarded according to regulations regarding financial need. This aid provision may be discontinued at any time.

I have received a call to active duty, and I'm in the middle of classes. What should I do?

The Leave Policy for Call to Active Military Duty explains your options and the steps you should take when called to active duty.