Waitlisting a Course

For most courses that are full or “closed,” you have the option to add yourself to the waitlist. The waitlist begins two weeks after the start of registration. If a spot becomes available in a course, Banner will send you an automated email.

At that time, you must log in to Banner and register yourself for the class. A specific amount of time is allotted for students to respond to a spot opening, so it is important that you check your SPU email daily. Typically, this deadline will be 24 hours; however, it may be extended for school breaks and shortened during the first week of the quarter.

To waitlist a class:

  • Go to Banner > Student Menu > Class Registration and Planning > Register for Classes.
  • Select the academic quarter for which you are registering and click Continue.
  • In the lower right-hand box, find the course you would like to waitlist. There will be a drop-down menu next to the course, select “Waitlist,” and click Submit.

If you miss your window to register for the course you will need to re-add yourself to the waitlist. When you re-add yourself you will be added to the bottom of the waitlist. With few exceptions, the waitlist works on a first come, first served basis.

The automated process that generates emails to waitlisted students begins running after the scheduled “buffer” (a period of a few days after advance registration for continuing students) and goes through 11:59 p.m. on the fifth day of the quarter. Refer to the University Academic Calendar for these dates.

If you have questions about the waitlist process, contact The Office of the Registrar at registrar@spu.edu or 206-281-2031.