R Studio Can't Install Packages


R Studio and its sub programs such as Sweave may not work correctly if its default save directory has not been set up correctly. R Studio saves to the Windows working directory which may be inaccessible on SPU computers. These steps should fix any R Studio issues related to saving files or installing new packages. 

This process has two major parts, and both must be completed on each affected computer.

Changing the Default Working Directory

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  1. Open R Studio

2. Go to Tools → Global Options

3. Under the option "Default working directory (when not in project)", click Browse

4. Navigate to "C:\Users\<your_username>"

5. Create a new folder called "RStudioPackages", and select it

6. Click Open, and then click Apply. This sets the working directory when not in a project.

Changing the Default Package Directory

R Studio does not provide an inbuilt way of changing the package directory. However, a system-wide modifier can be added that forces R Studio to change the package install directory. This system-wide modifier is called an environment variable. 

You will need to reinstall all previously installed packages after completing this process

StepsRelevant Data and Screenshots
  1. Go to Control Panel → User Accounts → User Accounts → Change my environment variables

2. Click "New" under user variables

3. For Variable Name, type in R_LIBS_USER
4. For Variable Value, type in the path of created RStudioPackages (From steps 4 and 5 of previous section), and click OK

5. Click OK again to exit the the Environment Variables screen. 
6. Restart R Studio

Installation Path

When installing the packages, make sure that the installation path in the installation wizard is the same as the above variable value.